Alissa Headshot

Sports Nutrition Copywriter

I absolutely love people, and that’s why I chose to be a copywriter! I am fascinated with the human psyche, and my passion of interacting with others helps me  communicate a message for them that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to share or experience.

My Background

I’m an accomplished fitness and nutrition writer and athlete with over fourteen years of experience.  I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management. I am an IFBB Professional athlete and the 2017 NPC National Fitness Champion. My work has been published in Oxygen magazine and MET-Rx magazine.  I’ve written for MET-Rx, Max Muscle,,, and Eat the Bear.

Fun Facts About Me 

  • US Army Veteran
  • Mom of two boys (one of whom has autism)
  • 2017 NPC National Fitness Champion
  • IFBB (Bodybuilding) Professional Fitness athlete