Do you want your business to make more money?

As a business content and copy writer, I have one goal when you hire me: to generate more company growth and sales.

I take a two-sided approach to achieving this goal by
bridging the gap between content and copy.

CONTENT is becoming more valuable now than ever before, and companies are recognizing the need to bridge on-brand content with COPY.

CUSTOMERS today are smart and savvy, and they aren’t fooled by gimmick ads and the same old flashy words.
Content gives them something of value that will enhance their knowledge and experience, encouraging frequent website visits and brand engagement. In turn, this builds your brand community through trust and loyalty.

Why choose me?
I’ve been writing in the fitness and nutrition industry for fourteen years. I’ve penned everything from full-length feature articles for major publications such as Oxygen Magazine, to landing pages, blogs, web content and email campaigns for sports nutrition/supplement companies, including MET-Rx, MAX Sports & Fitness and Eat the Bear.

I’m a supplement and fitness expert.
I’ve written about sports nutrition supplements for fourteen years: everything from creatine to glutamine, preworkouts, whey protein and fat burners.
I understand the purpose of the ingredients in the formula, and I can translate that science and those product features into benefits that resonate with your customers.

I am your target market.
I’ve lived the fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle as a competitive athlete for 14 years. I’m an active IFBB Pro Fitness competitor and the 2017 National Overall Champion. As an athlete, I want to know what works, how and why it works. The more I understand that, the more I can translate that message to your client base.

All Copywriters are not created equal
You can hire an agency writer or a freelancer for pennies, and you will get a few cents’ worth of decent copy. But if you hire me, I promise to deliver great copy.

My personal approach to my work can be likened to a simple analogy: painting a room.  Sure, you can just walk in and throw a few coats of paint right over the existing walls, and it will look pretty good.
Or, you can hire a painter who will sand, prep, prime, put up crown molding, and paint with a quality product.  Which would you rather have?  I am the painter.

Hire Me, Fire Me
My job as your copywriter is to do the heavy, behind-the-scenes work. As a business owner or manager, you can leave the research and creative work to me so you can spend more time running your business.

Rest assured that as a creative professional, I will get the job done on deadline with a promise to always deliver more than expected.

That’s a guarantee that I stand behind.

Direct response copy is easy to test. So, hire me, test my work, and let the results speak for themselves. If you’re happy with the response rate, hire me again. I never comfortably settle into a role; I’m always working to deliver better content that is more on-target, more effective and boosts your bottom line. Otherwise, why bother hiring a copywriter?

My rates are industry-competitive so you get the best value for your investment.

Let’s talk today about how I can help your business make more money. It’s my talent. It’s what I do. And it’s what I love doing.

Content and Copy that I provide includes:
• Newsletters
• Brochures/Ads
• Social Media Captions
• Product Descriptions/Product Pages
• Landing Pages
• Web Content Pages (About Us, etc.)
• Email Campaigns
• White Papers
My credentials include:
• BS in Sport Management: Fitness and Wellness
• AA in Business
• Certified Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach
• IFBB Professional Fitness Athlete and 2017 NPC National Fitness Champion

If you’d like to check out some samples of my writing, here are a few links that showcase much of my work:

Oxygen Magazine
Max Sports and Fitness